What's the Point of Making Jesus Famous?

Let me give you some background context before your judging begins... OR maybe I'm too late, and you have already judged me. Eh. Doesn't matter...

Here we go!

When one of my cousins, August Dickens was around 15 years young, he made a declaration to himself and to God to make Jesus famous! So, while he was in high school, during his basketball practices, he always wore shirts that proclaimed Jesus' name!

Ah. I'm so inspired by that boy!

End of story.

So… obviously my cousin thinks Jesus is pretty important for him to want to make his name famous…

But why? What's the point? What do you get out of making him famous?

Well, I reckon everyone has their own reasons why they do or don't make Him famous. But, I'm going to take the next few minutes to share with you, what I've been up to for the past week and half. And by the end, you can let me know if:

I made Jesus famous like my cousin did

For the past 2 weeks, my church from The Bahamas & I went on a Mission Trip to a remote, indigenous village called: Zapote de Picachos to share the love of Jesus to the Huichol People. While we were there, we set up 4 ministries: Girl & Boy Workshop, Clinic, and Vacation Bible School (VBS) which was my turf. This is the second time my team returned to the Huichol Village, so you would not be able to imagine the JOY on ALL of OUR faces. They were so excited for our arrival, that some of the children who I taught at VBS last year, came to meet us by the boats. IT WAS SO PRECIOUS!!! Gosh.... All the memories we made this year was incredible: The relationships we built, the all-nighters, the morning devotions and worship, the futbol and volleyball games, and the BEST PART.... I led an 11 year young named, Kevin to the Lord in Spanish!!!


On our way back from Zapote de Picachos to Mexico City airport, which happens to be 9 hours of traveling on different modes of transportation, we watched the movie: God's Not Dead. And in the movie as the university student was challenged by his faith, a pastor reminded him of this verse:

"Acknowledge me before men and I will acknowledge you"

I'm current writing this blog post on the plane from Mexico to Bahamas and this verse has not stopped pounding my spirit. And I don't know why…

Maybe Jesus simply wanted to remind me of it
Maybe he wanted me to share it with you
Maybe... lol! I have no idea!

But, there you have it! Now, you know!!!

What I've been continued to be reminded of during this awful year of 2017 is:


Once you live this out you are stepping into the greatness God has created you for!

And this is how I see it!
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I Have No Job. I Am Broke. 2017 Sucks.

Don't focus on what you don't have. Focus on what you have. When you focus on what you don't have, you become discouraged, negative and attract a complaining mindset.
Instead, FOCUS on what you do have!!!
So, what do you have?
In my case, I have a Smartphone, a laptop, Non-Profit Organisation, family, social media, friends, energy, 10+ years of positive mindset training, a Lifestyle Brand and my faith.
So, what are you focusing on?
The way you feel at any point in time is what you will focus on.
If you are sad and discouraged, your energy will exhibit discouragement.
If you are positive and hopeful your energy will display a can-do attitude.
Having said that, the path I have been stepping on this year has been very lost and bewildering.
waiting for something to happen but after watching the Tony Robbins I am not your guru documentary after spending countless times reading my Bible spending time with God through meditation, something was revealed to me my spirit awoken and I had a new pathway in front of me for me to step on.
As the title of this post says what I don't have I already know what I do have and I know what I have physically internally to Grace human beings with the energy talents gifts abilities creativity is that God has created me with so yes I may not have a job and I maybe broke and those two and those two situations can make 2017 suck but I only use that title to draw you in because I have so much to offer to the world and so do you. So let's get stepping forward on our new paths
3 Questions to ask yourself as you walk forward on your new path:
1. What are you focusing on?
2. What do you have to exhale your message to the world?
3. How are you going to shift your negative energy to focusing on positivity?
To be successful in this new path you're going to step on you need to set some time every day to learn something new that can be through a:
- Conversation
- Meditation
- Watching a documentary
- Ted Talk
- Reading a book about a passion you want to pursue
- Listening to a podcast while you're in the car heading to work or heading back home
- Writing in your journal to discover and unlock what's inside your mind
- Watching a movie to learn about life
When you take that first step of deviation, you have awoken to the lies of society. Always remember the choice is always yours and it's only you who can make the decision to step off the path society expects you to take to step into the greatness God has created you for!
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First of all... O M G! YOU DID IT! CONGRATS! YOU ARE FINALLY FINISHED WITH INSTITUTIONALISED SCHOOLING FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!! It feels freaking amazing doesn't it? It sure did when I finished November 10th, 2015! Best part about it, I finished 6 months prior to the date I was supposed to be completed! WOOT WOOT!

Click Here: I Have Completed University... What's Next?

Nonetheless, you are done! Soak it in... Celebrate... Great! Time to move on with the rest of your life!!!

Okay friend... I'm going to shoot it to you straight! IT'S THE 21ST CENTURY, THERE ARE NO JOBS FOR YOU. Okay... Maybe I am exaggerating a bit. There are some jobs out there, but you have to be an expert job hunter to find one. And by the looks of some of us, we aren't. On top of that, you might find a job but not a job you're going to spend a decade of your life working to.

Don't worry! It's not the end of the world. You are in the same box as thousands of young human beings around the world! Whether you are a recent high school/university graduate, currently in schooling, working at an unsatisfying job, trying to do something more meaningful with your 20's... You have stumbled upon the right post my friend!

So what are you going to do with your precious spare time while your job hunting? YOU are going to USE your TIME WISELY!

You only have one life my friend, ONE! So this is your time to excavate some of the hidden talents, passions, skills you have neglected for far too long!!!!!

It is your time to DIG... DIG... DIG from within!

Sounds fun doesn't it?



Yes! Yes! Yes! Pursue your passions!!!! Before you pursue them, you must discover what they are!

What are some of the things you love doing and participating in? What can you not live without? What do you find yourself always thinking about of what you want to do? What are some things you cannot stand and want to change for the better?

By answering these questions, you will have a clearer understanding of what your passions are. Make sure to write down separate lists to all these questions. The answers that pop up the most are the key to unlocking your passions. Then... Use Google to figure out the best ways to pursue them!

Eyes of Beijing: I have surrounded my life around pursuing my passions. A decision I made Freshman year of University. 3 years later... I am still at it!


I know you adore this one! In regards to point 1, maybe travelling is one of your passions; if it is, take a Gap Month traveling!!!

What is a Gap Month? The same as a Gap year, except only taking off a month to travel instead of year. Face it! Depending on where you went to school, you are probably in debt and if you're not in debt you probably do not have enough money saved to take a year off to wander the world.

So, take this precious time of yours to see a territory of the world you have been dying to experience since you were a young wee lad. You will return home a new... better YOU! A 'you' ready to take on the challenges of what you decide to do next with your life!

Eyes of Beijing: Thanks to the life I've been blessed with, I'm always wandering the world. I currently live in Santiago, Chile which gives me the cheap options of discovering the various cities Chile has to offer. Additionally, I'm a missionary and this summer my church team & I will be headed to Mexico. ¡Nos vemos!


Gosh... simply because you graduated high school or University absolutely DOES NOT mean you stop learning! Whoever brainwashed you with that c**p lied.

While we're at it, take this time to promise yourself you will never stop learning! The best part it is now you don't have to learn in an institutionalised setting! Hi-5 to that! You are free to learn new skills your own way! The way you learn BEST!

Learn what type of skills? It can be anything!!! Learn how to garden. How to do web development. How to become an expert at life coaching. How to play volleyball. How to create a robot. How to paint a house. You have the whole world at your finger tips, as well as the internet!

Click Here: Eyes of Beijing's YouTube Channel

Eyes of Beijing: A couple months after I began this Blog (which later turned into this Brand), I realised I wanted to reach my audience through video blogging my wanders around the world. I thought... I can't pay someone to do them for me all the time, so I might as well teach myself how to create & edit videos. And I did exactly that!


Oh come on... What is life's most important mission? Do you give up? It's to LOVE others! How do you love others? By creating & building relationships with them!! How do you create & build relationships? Simple. By RAISING YOUR VOICE!

I am pretty sure you have friends. But if you don't have any, you have a family! Take some time off & let love your invade in the lives of one your fellow friends or family members. This can be done by taking them to coffee. Planning a dinner date with 5 humans you call acquaintances but always wanted to build a deeper relationship with. Or you may be on a grocery line (or I reckon any line), and decide to raise your voice with the goal of striking up a conversation with a stranger. Who knows... you might brighten up their day!

It takes guts, but its worth it. There are over 7 billion human beings roaming this earth! So deviate from the norm & broaden your horizons to create & build some unexpected relationships! Who knows where the conversation will take you. As I say... It's Our Turn to change the world 1 relationship at a time!

"Nothing is going to change unless we let love invade!" - Eyes of Beijing

Eyes of Beijing: From all of these years of practice, it's safe to say creating & building relationships has become apart of me. I love human beings. I love meeting new humans & I love the existing ones already in my life. The best part is... There are so many more humans to get to know and love on!!!


Growing up as a millennial, you have heard time and time again that you should start a blog, and more recently, create a brand. Such is life nowadays.

Yet, how I wonder how many of you have already started one? And if you have started a blog, have you been consistent with it or you gave up after 3 posts? NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Continue your blog! Figure out why you started it in the place & begin with that.

Don't be afraid of conjuring up new ideas on what to write about, simply roaming through life & stepping out of your comfort zone will inspire you with plenty writing material! YOU GOT THIS! Believe in your difference!

Eyes of Beijing: I think this is pretty much self-explanatory. I-am-writing-on-my-blog-as-we-speak-which-happens-to-be-my-Brand-,-Eyes-of-Beijing. Haha! Get it? Good!


As you may or may not know, it is my goal to become a life coach for young human beings. I have not advertised much about it, but trust me, the plans are underway. Having said that, I will need to take a course to give me beneficial techniques & tactics on how to help young human beings to stop existing & start living the life they were created for.

Like myself, it would be a great head-start to spend some time taking a course on something you've always wanted to learn. Something you never had the chance of learning due to time and/or distractions or school. Not only will you be a better human for it, it is a great attribute to put on your resume (according to what it is of course)!

Maybe the course is on photography or sewing or efficient marketing tactics or statistics or food preparation. The list is endless. Type in Google your course interest and let the learning begin!

Eyes of Beijing: In order to prepare me for this new & exciting venture, I have decided to take an online course to become a certified Life Coach receiving a professional license after completion. I'm in the process of searching for courses as we speak!


You see! I am no fraud. I am following my own advice, simply putting my actions into words through the eyes of Beijing... me!

Whatever you do... DO NOT LET YOUR TIME GO TO WASTE. What are ways of wasting your time? Lying snuggled in your comfortable bed watching movies & TV series on Netflix for countless hours on end or staring at computer/phone/tablet screens scrolling & tapping at posts on social media.

This is your 20's!!!! Your golden decade!!!! You have your whole life to take a break, but not in your 20's! You must grind during this decade! This is the decade where:

  • Your energy are at extreme high levels
  • You actually believe in the greatness you were created for
  • You have the ample amount of time to TRY a bunch of things to decipher which you enjoy & which bores the daylights out of you

Wake up & deviate from the norm my friend. Step off the path society expects you to take and step into the greatness God created you for! Remember... whatever you decide to do, it's not going to work unless you do!!!

&& This is how Eyes of Beijing sees it\


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As I have completed University in November 2015, the new year brings on a new me. Therefore, for my 2016 resolutions, I created a daily morning list to enhance my mornings in order to have a positive, passionate & productive day. These habits are some of what I've read up on, learnt throughout my past experiences and/or heard throughout conversations.

Applying them to my life have truly created a positive impact (especially on the days to when I stick to them). They take me no more than 40- 50 minutes per day, in addition to them embellishing my spiritual, physical & mental aspects of myself. It's truly incredible!

The only reason these changes have become habitual are due to me desiring to make the most of my 24 hours. I asked myself questions such as:

• How do I want to spend the 24 hours I've been blessed with?
• Don't I want to live to enjoy everything I've accomplished 60 years from now?
• What changes do I have to make today in order for me to be a healthier person physically, mentally & spiritually tomorrow?
• If I don't begin positive habits to start off my day, the rest of my day will not go as good as it could've gone?

Yes. I speak to myself a lot. It's one of the most comforting & motivating pass times. Asking myself questions, reflecting & connecting the dots are all healthy ways to stay connected with who I am & who I want to become!

As Tony Robbin states about successful human beings, "Why do they repeat the same tasks every day? By reducing the number of decisions you make in the morning you're able to maximize the rest of your day and achieve peak performance. When your morning routine is kept vague you’ll end up stressed out and rushing around."

So... Here are mine!


1. Be grateful for the new day

First thing you MUST do the moment you wake up is THANK God for waking you up today; He has chosen you to experience the gift of life. 

I bet you never thought about doing that... Have you? I know, its something that bypasses all of us. Nonetheless, beginning your day with a heart of gratefulness will truly set your spirit, actions & behaviour in a positive mood.

Try it & you'll see!

2. Smile

I know it probably takes 2 snooze buttons before you actually make the movement to get out of bed. Lets face it, when you do, you're probably not in the best mood anyway. Why? For obvious reasons: You don't want to go to school or you would rather do anything than show up to work.

Well... While you're debating all of these questions on whether its necessary for you to get up, make the conscious decision to SMILE!

According to Mother Teresa, "A smile is the beginning of peace.” Start your day off with peaceful vibes.

3. Meditation

Find an area in your home where your mum, dad, little siblings, older siblings, couch surfers or whomever will not bother you. Once you find that area, find a comfortable body position where your mind is at ease and ready for meditation.

Focus on your breathing and if your mind runs wild, its okay. Give yourself time to get into the meditation groove. The world isn't going to end because your mind is running all over the place.

The purpose is for you to tune into your breath & body; becoming aware of your thoughts & giving your mind adequate time to be still & silent from a hustling and bustling world we live in. According to One Life Make It Count, meditating every morning, "will leave you feeling present each day, intensify your appreciation for positive experiences, and empower you in your life."

I suggest doing this for 10 minutes. This might be too short or too long for most of you, but I am new to this meditation lifestyle, and so far so good!

Click here for: How to Meditate

4. 1 tsp of Oil Pulling with coconut oil

It's bathroom time. Before you intake coffee or brush your teeth, you must take 1 tsp of coconut oil to begin the process of oil pulling.

What is oil pulling? Oil pulling is swishing coconut oil (sesame or sunflower) in the mouth for at least 20 minutes. In my case, I only do it for 5 minutes, but if you feel the need to keep it up for more, go right ahead! According to Wellness Mama, "oil is able to cut through plaque and remove toxins without disturbing the teeth or gums."

I admit, it sounds a bit odd at first but trust me, you will get used to the taste and you won't regret the health benefits it provides.

Click here for: Benefits of Oil Pulling

5. Swallow 1 tsp of coconut oil  

After you have oil pulled the coconut oil, it is time to swallow 1 tsp of it. As well as coconut oil is good to apply on the body, cook meals with, swish in your mouth, it is also extremely healthy for your internal organs.

Why coconut oil? Oh gosh my dear, you have been in the dark for far too long. According to Authority Nutrition, Coconut oil is good for fat burn, reducing hunger, blood cholesterol improvements, boosts brain functionality for humans with Alzheimer's and much more.

In other words, buy jars and jars of organic coconut oil. It's great for everything!!!

6. 20 core, arm & leg exercises

I made the decision to complete a full body exercise everyday until my last breath on this earth. Not with the primary purpose to lose weight, but to awaken my muscles at the beginning of the day, striving for a healthy lifestyle.

If I compile too many exercises at the same time, after a week I would quit. Choose which limit is good for you. Don't add too much to the list because every morning you would begin to dread having to complete them and soon you will find this new habit obsolete in your life.

P.s. Also find time in your day for rigorous exercise for at least 30 minutes!!! Your body needs it!

7. QT with Jesus

QT means Quiet Time. This for me is the most important habit. Without spiritual direction at the beginning of the day, my mind is bound to falling into many negative traps.

This QT is spent on reading scripture (The Bible) & having a conversation with Jesus (prayer). Its crazy how much more focused I become after I feed my spirit with pure goodness!

Check it out, one of my favourite verses highlighting the importance of reading scripture: Joshua 1:8: This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.

P.s. Don't let the 10 minutes inhibit you from starting a conversation with Jesus all throughout your day. He's always listening.

Click here for:     12 Mindset Changes in Your Spiritual Life

8. Drink 1 cup of Warm Lemon Water

Not only are you drinking a normal cup of warm lemon water, but it is mixed with cinnamon, turmeric and honey. Definitely a significant boost of health and wellness benefits. You're probably thinking... What is this concoction and why does this need to be apart of my morning routine?!?!?! 

Read Here Why: Fight Inflammation with This Turmeric and Lemon Morning Elixir

How to Make it: Mix the lemon juice, turmeric and honey into your cup of water. Make sure to stir these ingredients well. Add cinnamon on top and continue to stir. Then take a drink and you are all set.

9. Read

After all of the healthy & physical habits, its time to invigorate your mind with taking at least 10 minutes to read a chapter or section of the book you're currently reading.

Why does this matter? James Altucher, my newest mentor in the business industry says, "Reading is the best return on investment. You have to live your entire life in order to know one life. But with reading you can know 1000s of people's lives for almost no cost. What a great return!"

Do you agree? If so, pick up a book!

10. Eat breakfast  

I doubt I have to explain much on this. YOU MUST EAT BEFORE YOU LEAVE THE HOUSE.

I usually boil 2-3 eggs or scramble 2-3 eggs with spinach, tomato & mushrooms. Yes indeed, it's extremely yummy!!!

"If you win the morning. You win the day."
- James Altucher

P.S. Don't forget to brush your teeth, floss & bathe. But they weren't cool enough to make it on the list.

Click here for more with James Altucher: How To Win The Day

What more motivation do you need to start spicing up your morning to begin a productive, passionate & positive day? Wake Up from the path society aspects you to step on & Deviate From The Norm to step into the greatness God created you for! All beginning with a productive beginning to your day!

&& This is how Eyes of Beijing sees it\\

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AAAHHGG&#@HGWJEH8*^$WIUY!^$&EDLUHHHH!!!!! (My scream)

April 22nd is the BIRTHDAY of the "Wake Up & Deviate" Caribbean Clothing Line & the "Despierta & Salte" Latin American Clothing Line!

Are you really asking me why this is so important & exciting?

Its equally important & exciting because it marks the beginning of my Entrepreneur journey. A journey Ive longed for since I was 10 years old, and finally, finally in 2015, 10 years later on April 22nd, the journey began!!! 

You bet your bottom dollar I am going to celebrate the Anniversary of the very product that propelled me to take the first step to stepping in the greatness God created me for through Entrepreneurship! 


Long story short...

I was invited to speak to British Royal School for presentation day. As this was my first encounter with an audience of students in the region of South America, I was honoured and began preparing my speech instantly. I thought... Wow... This is my turn to Raise My Voice in a whole new region! Lesss do dis!!!

As I was preparing for the super great, historical day... I told myself I need to give these students something symbolising the message I was going to share with them. Sharing these thoughts with my mum, we agreed on printing T-shirts. I believed T-shirts were a fantastic, fun method to exhale my message to the world of what I was created to do on this earth. Printing T-shirts automatically involves others into the message due to them having to wear it. Thus, I decided the phrase I wanted my brand to be known for was: Wake Up & Deviate From The Norm! I printed 100 in the Spanish translation for my Latin American audience & 100 in the English language for The Bahamas and the western world. 

The big day arrived, and I made my presentation two times! When it was time for the prize giving, those who won received a shirt. I cannot tell you how ecstatic the students were. Their excitement towards my message blew me away. That's when I thought... I need to sell these to every living human being. When I go home this summer in June, my Bahamian young human beings need to be apart of this... this... this MOVEMENT! 

What does it mean to "Wake Up & Deviate From The Norm?"


It means to step off the path society tells you how to live your life & instead, step into the greatness to live the life God created you for!

Society has set a path for you, feeding you the lie, that there is only one way to live. Well, society is wrong. Instead, step off the path. Wake up & {DEVIATE} from the norm to start your journey of embracing your {DIFFERENCE}, pursuing your {PASSIONS} & lighting your {VISION}! All needed to begin your journey to step into your {GREATNESS}! It's time for you to stop existing & {START} living the life God created you to live!

And that's pretty much it. I told you it was simple.  

The best part about it, is when I touched base in my hometown to bring the Clothing Line to Nassau, Bahamas, I came up with a super idea! An idea to involve all young people across the globe to join in on my journey. An idea for young human beings to JOIN THE MOVEMENT to "Wake Up & Deviate From The Norm!"

Click Here For: Sometimes Deviating From The Norm Means Stepping Out Of  Your Personal Norm

Some of my favourite quotes on ideas... To empower your journey of stepping into your greatness as well as mine...  

"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world." – Robin Williams

"Believe in something larger than yourself. . . . Get involved in the big ideas of your time." – Barbara Bush

"No idea is so outlandish that it should not be considered." - Winston Churchill

"A man may die, nations may rise and fall, but an idea lives on. Ideas have endurance without death." – John F. Kennedy


There you have it. World leaders believed in ideas and so do I. Therefore, my idea that has been transformed into a movement is still a thing. A thing that is being celebrated for. Back in 2015, it was my job to push the movement in the faces of my family, peers & strangers. It was my job to do all that I could to make them believe in my movement. It was my job to make them join. 

And it all began with an idea. To step off the path society tells me to walk on & step into the incredible greatness God created me for ever since I was in my mum's womb.

Now its your turn!

Will you join the movement to declare to the world that you have been created for a reason?

...That you have been created to embrace your difference?

...That you have been created to pursue your passions?

...That you have been created to light your vision?

That you are an incredible, unique human being who is meant for something more than simply existing... but to live! To live the life God has created you for! If you believe in this, be reminded by this declaration everyday by purchasing a shirt here: 

For everyone of you reading this blog post. I have done some scientific research and you are 1 of these 3 human types:

1. The Been-There-Done-That Type: You have joined the movement & purchased your own shirt! 

2. The Hesitant Type: You are not certain if you're ready to stop existing & start living! 

3. The Hater Type: You do not have a shirt & you let your jealously stand in the way of you stepping into your greatness! 

All in all, don't just sit there & wait. You have to go out in the streets, and within the corners of your mind to make things happen! You have to get off your boungie (butt) & work hard! You never know what you're going to discover if you don't try & DEVIATE! 

I'll promise you one thing... It's NEVER going to happen unless you do.

Do you believe in your difference? Embrace it! Do you have passions? Pursue them! Do you have a vision? Light it up!

Guess what? You've only been blessed with 1 life. That's it. ONE! What are you going to do about it? Deviate from the norm to Stop Existing & Start Living the life God created you for?

Well... It's all up to you to choose to step into the direction where your greatness is waiting!!!

Join me on this most exciting journey. Remember... We've got to grind in our 20's!!!


  1. Wear your shirt at least once this week!
  2. Post the photo to all your social media accounts using the hashtag: #WakeUpAndDeviateFromTheNorm
  3. On your post exhale your message to the world of why you joined the movement! 

&& This is how Eyes of Beijing sees it\\


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