Go to school, get an education, get a job…Go to school, get an education, get a job. This thought process is subconsciously robotic. If nothing else the one thing we pass on to our children is that mindset. Thinking and doing differently is taboo in today’s society.

Times have changed drastically, wouldn’t you agree?  The era in which our parents grew up is totally different compared to the times that we live in today. It seems as if it was lightyears away; Government has changed, the educational system has more requirements with very little improvements, the new age of technology has completely taken over our society as we know it and there are even newer ways to “make a living” rather than the traditional “go to school, get a good education and get a good……”, yes you guessed it “job”.

From young we were instilled with different core values by our parents and sometimes their parents on how we should go about our individual life. Is it just me or does everyone feel that they should have some say on how their life is going to turn out?  From what I’ve seen as a young generation ambassador we don’t like to be told what to do, not so much a bad thing but to persons of the “old school” this is the worst thing possible. To them we’re rebels when we express our diversity on how something should be done now, compared to how it was done back then.

As kids, we tend to dream a whole lot, we have imaginary friends to play and have fun with, we want to have that 100ft yacht sailing through the Caribbean, that mansion on the water front with a 4 car garage; that lifestyle that we lived in our heads for the earlier parts of our lives. It’s the way that society is set up that naturally kills dreams of each individual when “life happens”. But our generation hasn’t stopped dreaming, for the most part. We are fighters for the truth, we are visionaries for the near-sighted, and we are pioneers for a newer movement. We learned early on that there is no such thing as security in life; we managed to have the upper hand by learning from the program of those before us and drastically making the shift from 98% of the population.  Our parents before us constantly seek for security and fortunately for us we realize that we live in a world where there is none. A job that you don’t own provides as much protection and security as skydiving without a parachute, it’s a long way down, you have no control.

But now instead of following the regularly schedule program, we want to be in the driver seat, we no longer live in the times when everyone who was successful is a doctor, lawyer, or politician, professions we inhaled by our parents. Remember when you were in junior or high school, what did you want to be when you grow up? You can exhale before you respond. There is a constant mental battle from sun up to sun down questioning my individuality that I have to ask myself daily “Who Am I?” Breathe…

“Mum I started my own business” doesn’t gather as much excitement as “Mum, I got the Job”. It’s the newer age where more and more self-made entrepreneur and innovators are emerging  like wild flowers, the seeds were planted years before, it’s just that the conditions around didn’t allow them to blossom until now. All around the globe we’re developing some of the brightest minds, from the founder of the I-phone, to the founder of google times are changing ever so rapidly and instead of conforming to the “trading time for money” mindset, we now realize that time is now the most valuable asset and money can be leveraged for many other options. Let’s think about it, do you know any older folks who have retired in their twenties by trading their time for money? Me either. Thankfully this generation has coughed up the 40-40-40 mentality like a bad cold. And now we’re using all of the resources available to them like vitamin C to push past that sick, traditional mindset into a more modernized future.

We, the millennial we’re built different, we see much further, we think differently, we’re innovative. We are the future and the future is NOW.

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