I Have No Job. I Am Broke. 2017 Sucks.

Don’t focus on what you don’t have. Focus on what you have. When you focus on what you don’t have, you become discouraged, negative and attract a complaining mindset.
Instead, FOCUS on what you do have!!!
So, what do you have?
In my case, I have a Smartphone, a laptop, Non-Profit Organisation, family, social media, friends, energy, 10+ years of positive mindset training, a Lifestyle Brand and my faith.
So, what are you focusing on?
The way you feel at any point in time is what you will focus on.
If you are sad and discouraged, your energy will exhibit discouragement.
If you are positive and hopeful your energy will display a can-do attitude.
Having said that, the path I have been stepping on this year has been very lost and bewildering.
waiting for something to happen but after watching the Tony Robbins I am not your guru documentary after spending countless times reading my Bible spending time with God through meditation, something was revealed to me my spirit awoken and I had a new pathway in front of me for me to step on.
As the title of this post says what I don’t have I already know what I do have and I know what I have physically internally to Grace human beings with the energy talents gifts abilities creativity is that God has created me with so yes I may not have a job and I maybe broke and those two and those two situations can make 2017 suck but I only use that title to draw you in because I have so much to offer to the world and so do you. So let’s get stepping forward on our new paths
3 Questions to ask yourself as you walk forward on your new path:
1. What are you focusing on?
2. What do you have to exhale your message to the world?
3. How are you going to shift your negative energy to focusing on positivity?
To be successful in this new path you’re going to step on you need to set some time every day to learn something new that can be through a:
– Conversation
– Meditation
– Watching a documentary
– Ted Talk
– Reading a book about a passion you want to pursue
– Listening to a podcast while you’re in the car heading to work or heading back home
– Writing in your journal to discover and unlock what’s inside your mind
– Watching a movie to learn about life
When you take that first step of deviation, you have awoken to the lies of society. Always remember the choice is always yours and it’s only you who can make the decision to step off the path society expects you to take to step into the greatness God has created you for!

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