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Wander the World to Nassau using this incredible Wander Itinerary for your footprints to leave their mark in Bahamas!




Let's face the facts & cut to the chase…

As we all know, February is THE best month of the year.

Someone had to break it to you sooner or later…



While your wiping your face filled with tears from your life being a whole lie due to that simple fact, the reason why it's above all the other months is because it has the holiday of VALENTINES DAY!!! Which happens to be today! The day where every individual's dreams of LOVE come true……………………………………………………… or not. Since we all have agreed that February is not only the best month, but the month of LOVE, we are going to explore different avenues of this beautiful yet bewildering word.

Therefore, as I was writing this post, I was thinking...

 Am I  even qualified to talk about LOVE? Because I too am so confused of what that word even means. 

The definition of LOVE according to Merriam Webster dictionary states, "a feeling of strong or constant affection for a person."

Hmmmm… This is where I get confused. If the dictionary defines LOVE as such, then why do I see people doing otherwise to those who say the LOVE… Can you help me out? I obviously don't understand… In my personal opinion, I do not know what LOVE means to me. However, I do know LOVE is when you treat somebody how you would like to be treated.

I continue to think, I am probably not the only one out there who does not know what LOVE means… I asked my mother, my best friends, a random stranger and my sisters, and they all couldn't give me a justified answer. They actually said, "Wow… This is a really good question! What is love?" Secretly in my head I felt good because I thought to myself… Phew! I guess I am not that dumb as I thought. Always a good sign. hehe!

So, I ask you...

What does LOVE mean to you?



Moving on with life, I am going to share with you what I have been poking my nose into while living in my country these past few months…

Since being in The Bahamas this Christmas break, I have indulged myself in the communities of my country. The more and more I'm involved, the more and more issues arise. And I don't know about you, but there is no way, me, as a citizen in this nation can just sit there and let things just happen. There is no way, as I am more educated of the issues that are happening in my country, I am not going to bring awareness to those around me.

Tonight I went to this meeting called, "The Family," which is put in place in communities for therapeutic support for those who are broken and need healing. One of the many problems in our societies is the lack of LOVE for our neighbors. Without LOVE, what beauty can come? But, with every problem, there are not one but many SOLUTIONS attached to it. And from attending two of the Family meetings in Fox Hill (The group in Fox Hill was formed as a result of the shooting and the continued trauma that they are experiencing) and Kemp Road (was formed to support the communities with their continuous struggle with violence), I still stand by my saying… RELATIONSHIPS CREATE CHANGE!

Therefore, in the month of February. My organization, IOT- It's Our Turn is managed by difference makers to empower young people to target sustainable underlying global issues by being the next world changers through our non-profit projects and our business ventures! Therefore, we are hosting a Valentines Day event called, "It's Our Turn to LOVE" in the communities of Fox Hill on Friday the 14th and Woodes Alley on Saturday the 15th. The whole idea is to show LOVE to our fellow young people in our country. During the event, there will be games played, arts and crafts, a performance, entertainment, an empowering word & food served.

So, to shift things up a little…..

I decided this year to give instead of receive, meaning spending my valuable, precious time with strangers on MY birthday… which happens to be today!!! Who would have thought? I did. It was me. Yep, me. I thought of it. You should honestly try to give of yourself instead of receive some time because I am pretty sure, it is more rewarding!




You know, I may not know the definition of LOVE, but just because I don't know something doesn't mean I am not going to do what I can to figure it out and act on it. The same reason of not knowing something fulfills that drive in my soul that makes me want to figure it out AND SO SHOULD YOU! Stop settling for mediocracy and find out things for yourself. Half the people on this planet are a scam anyway, so do your own digging and research… Strive to want the BEST & be the BEST you-you can be! And in this case, strive to LOVE everyone who comes your way in your own little way, because…


Not only for the month of February but, for everyday of your life. In order to turn this hell hole of what we call our home into something beautiful, we really need to start incorporating LOVE in our everyday lives! Could you imagine the spiral effect of what could happen in a society if each every individual decided to LOVE themselves, their school/work mates and their community… shoot! It would be freaking awesome!



So, I ask you...

What does LOVE mean to you?

When you find out….. GO & DO it because this is how I see it!



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On this beautiful & marvelous day, on Saturday, February 1st, 2014, Brandon Kemp AKA my twin, left me to TRAVEL the world for a year and a half spreading the good news.

I know what you’re thinking… He’s a freaking STUD! I know… I know…

And this is what I call deviating from the norm to follow God’s call AND most importantly, doing what you love!!!!

If you really think about it… WHAT’S BETTER THAN THAT?

Despite the fact of me being lucky enough for this totally rad individual being my best friend, he is the freaking VICE PRESIDENT of IOT – It’s Our Turn!!! And as an IOTer we are passionate to…



IOT = Empower!

We empower young people!

IOT = Energetic!

We are energetic to make a spiral effect!

IOT = Enthusiastic!

We are enthusiastic about not accepting the unacceptable!

IOT = Explore!

We explore using hands on techniques to target the solutions from our adventures!

IOT = Experience!

We believe that relationships create change, and so we experience what it’s like to have without something…



OKAY!!! Enough about IOT… it’s just… DON'T YOU GET IT?!?! IOT is what I LOVE doing. Empowering young people to activate their full potential by targeting sustainable underlying global issues!!! Woe… that sounds good… not going to lie. But, I don’t care what anyone else thinks because I’m doing what I think is right! And I wish you can hear me scream right now to see how excited I am to be on the journey of doing what I LOVE! AHHHHH! Nonetheless, I want other young people to say the same as well! Well, thank God Brandon is doing it and inspiring those along the way… EVEN ME!

"We ARE the generation that will change the world! And it's up to each one of us to make sure that change is positive." - Brandon Kemp

The ship Brandon will be spending a year and a half of his life is with the organization, “OM Ships International.” Peter Nicoll, the CEO explains, “The history of mission already records the significant impact and influence of OM's ships. It is a great privilege to be invited to take on this task and be a part of impacting individuals and entire communities as the ships 'bring knowledge, help and hope' to the world's port cities. It is my prayer and expectation that we will continue to see God working in significant ways through the many committed staff and partners that He has called to be a part of this dynamic ministry."

Some of the places Brandon will be travelling to are:

Singapore… Been to the airport, doesn’t count. I want to explore it!!!

Thailand… Definitely on my bucket list of travel destinations!

China… My name is Beijing, of course I’m going there!

Japan… Definitely on my bucket list of travel destinations!

Isn’t that simply amazing? He is definitely living the life right now!!



REWIND to this past November 2013: Brandon told me something I will never forget…

Brandon was in a horrid car accident, and as soon as I found out, I messaged him making sure everything was okay, and this is what he responded… “Bey! This is pretty much exactly what you said last time you were here in summer 2013. I know that God has a plan for us, like I know we wouldn't die from anything like a car accident. BOOM”

I didn’t remember saying that at all, but the fact that it happened was weird. Having to say all of this, Brandon Okoya Kemp is an exceptional human being & God has some unbelievable plans for him. I am so excited to see his spiral effect of activating his full potential. And the best part is, he is already on his way!!!

I ask you…. Are YOU on your way?



No need to follow the norm by after graduating high school, go to college, pick up a major you honestly have no care for, graduate college, find a job, despise the job, get married, working on the job, have a child, working on the job, have another child, working on the job, have grandchildren, working on the job, retire, sitting on your front porch in your rocking chair and as soon as we know it, life has slipped away from us…

Spice your life up little. Find something you’re really passionate about and then GO and DO it! No one is stopping you! Oh wait, yeah… YOU’RE STOPPING YOURSELF. You let fear cripple in and take the best of ya! Well, it’s time to slap fear in the face and say, I am going to GO and DO what I LOVE and no one is going to stop me… except for yourself of course. PROVE yourself wrong.

Easier said than done…



Tip for deviating from the norm:

Do the opposite of what everyone else is doing! 

If you remember anything I’ve said in this post, just remember… life is too short and as my dad says, “Opportunities wait for nobody!” So, get off your boungie (Bahamian slang for butt) to GO and BE a Brandon! Just make sure along the way, you are creating a spiral effect striving to be the best you-you can be! I know you can do it, it’s all in the mind!

“You have to believe it, to receive it to achieve it!” – Beijing Rodgers

And this is how I see it!



Watch this video of a 26 year old Ukrainian man who lives by the motto, “Fear does not exist!” He quit his job to dedicate his life to his “adrenaline-charged passion.” He has been appealing for a sponsorship for this death hobby sport in order to transform “Skywalking” into a career. How cool is that? You can do it too!!!

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Not standing for it... The Bahamas must unite! 

What word sticks out at you? Well... I’ll tell you!


I am going to be pretty repetitive in this blog post because I’m feeling repetition is the only way to get something stuck in someone’s head in this day in age. And the aim is to empower you to use your noggin in a deeper way… Capiche?

Moving forward… It's time to unite as a nation and what I'm experiencing in this country is diversification not unification. By this time you should be able to discover where I'm going with this... Economy & Leadership!

Yep… I went there!

The Bahamas needs help. The government needs help. The business owners need help. The persons over the hill need help. The persons living out east need help. The persons living out west need help. The persons living on the family islands need help. No matter who you are, we all need help!!! So stop acting like nothing is going to happen and that everything is okay... Because ITS NOT! We have a real situation on our hands and it needs to be addressed!

"Take away the pride to confide in each other side by side!" - Beijing Rodgers

Therefore, let's not be afraid to ask for help because as a nation, we ALL depend on each other and it is our dependence on whether we will press off ward, downward, backward separate OR onward, upward, forward together! It's your choice...

Having said that, I want to engage you in DEEPER thinking... OPEN UP to EXLPORE YOUR MIND and just don't take for granted what people of a higher stature presenting the news tells you... Whether it's a talk show host... OR a politician... Because we ALL seem to forget that everyone has their OWN AGENDA... Even you AND me!

!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND THAT'S THE PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!


If our mothers and fathers couldn't work together to make the nation as ONE, we have to show them that the young people of this nation have to take the first steps of building a society that lives in UNITY! 

What The Bahamas is dealing with is more than just the implementation of VAT & the poor leadership of the government. It's DEEPER than that...


It's the idealization of accepting individualism instead of collectivism... And because of this, it separates us. It causes division in our institutions, in our churches, in our communities. It simply divides the way we live life! And according to Michael A. Symonette, who wrote The New Bahamians, states...

"Or is it one of 'not caring' sufficiently for our fellow brothers and sisters, that we don't assist them in a meaningful way?"

We all must answer this question! And I think for a very long time we have been asking the wrong questions. Therefore, dealing with BIG issues such as the Economy & Leadership, we have to begin asking the RIGHT questions such as...


1. Why is the government implementing VAT?

  • THIS IS THE MOMENT EVERYONE HAS BEEN WAITING FOR!!! Thank God I don’t have the answer. Just kidding. The government is implementing this tax reform because the country is in SO MUCH debt! In 2000 The Bahamas was in $1.5 billion debt, in 2007 $2.5 billion debt and in 2013/2014 currently in $5 billion debt. For those of you who dislike dealing with figures. All I am saying is that we’re BROKE! This can't happen anymore. The government faces a serious problem. Reason because ultimately, collection of taxes allow government to provide essential public goods and services. The government can't keep borrowing money, or else we’ll end up like Jamaica, no offense, as warned by a Jamaican lady. Whether VAT is the right taxation or not, whether you like it or not, we need to be taxed because all countries have to have a tax in order to serve the people. BOTTOM LINE. So stop complaining.

2. What is VAT?

  • VAT according to the presentation of Ismael Lightbourne states, it is an abbreviation for Value Added Tax which is a “broad-based tax consumption” charged on imports, Bahamian businesses supplying goods & services to other business and consumers. “VAT charges 15% on most purchases. Hotel rooms charged at a reduce rate of 10% & exported goods charged at 0% rate. For instance, when you go to the food store there will be a tax and will act in the community as a sales tax.

3. Why is the country in so much debt?




"Leadership is a curious thing. You either have the qualities it takes, or you do not. Certainly you do not clamour for it like so many opposition members are doing." - Michael A. Symonette 

1. Who is leading the country? REALLY... Who?

  • The reason I ask "really" is because even a non- Bahamian citizen knows who is in power of this country, and it is the Progressive Liberal Party AKA PLP. However, we're trying to think DEEPER... AND whoever has that cha Ching cha Ching AKA money, influences the leadership of this country. And who that is, hmmm! It’s...

2. Is the present government party going to be thrown out of office before its term is due?

  • Listening to Steve McKinney Radio show called, Hardcopy, he is hearing that the government isn't going to last to the end of the year. He doesn't know where it is coming from, but he hears people saying that they aren't going to last. WOW! What a blow! Do you know what it is for your government to just be elected a year ago and the people of the country want to throw you out... WOW! WOW! WOW! At least if they see a weakness in our country, the people are going to do something about it to press onward, upward, forward together! Real talk, I hope not though. Whichever government is in power I want them to succeed to its fullest potential. We have to stop caring about PLP & FNM. We all have to change our MINDSET, and simply want the best for each individual in this country. So, whether the people will throw the present government out before it’s time, who knows… I don’t think Bahamians possesses that much guts anyway. I guess we’ll see…


If you are a young Bahamian citizen consider these questions, if not, scroll on (questions from Michael A. Symonette, The New Bahamas):

How can young people prepare themselves to meet the challenges of the future?

How do their thinking differ from their parents and grandparents?

How are they affected by the experience of nationhood and by the politics of today?

How do young people today view the future of our nation? OR, let me rephrase that… Do young people even think about the future of our nation?


As a concerned young Bahamian citizen of The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, I will do my part to educate myself. There was no way this blog would be written without some research and interviews along the way. I realized that if I am going to inform my Bahamian public on news of what's going on in my country, I am actually going to engage myself in the community and spend time to actually investigate of what's really going on. If not, I stand like every other informer who just talks, talks, talks and takes no action toward it. Hence, on Friday, January 17th, 2013 as I went to National Insurance Board to get some business straight, I picked up a flier to attend a VAT meeting at the Transfiguration Baptist Church. Later that night, I went by myself along with my goal to be educated on VAT, so I…

listenedobserved, & spoke!

And this is what I had to say…

“Hello, goodnight! My name is Beijing Rodgers and as I can see from the crowd I am the only young Bahamian person present. They started to get offensive jokingly. Rule number 1, never say you’re young in front of those who are NOT young. I continued. The reason I came here tonight is because I went to the National Insurance Board to set up my company and I saw a flier concerning VAT! I automatically responded, oh... I want to know what’s going on, since me being absent due to my schooling in California. Nonetheless, I have a calling on leading young people, which God told me when I was 12 years young. And I will do whatever I need to in order to do that. So, I came to this meeting to also be educated like the rest of you. Being young doesn’t mean anything, I can start now and that is what I am doing. Having said that, I want to empower you guys to do your part. We were lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to be educated about this issue and it’s our time to educate those around us. We have to use what we have. And what we have is our own little circles and neighbors. For me, my circle is social media and using the blog I developed as a way of informing young people especially those in college who have no access to the news in their country. We can’t depend on others anymore. You can do something as simple as putting important bullet points about VAT on your doorpost. So when people walk and drive by they say.. “Oh! Okay... this is what VAT is about.” That way you’re doing something rather than nothing, making a spiral effect. So, what I am trying to leave with you guys tonight is that you must care enough to do your own part so we can start living in unity as a society again. It just starts with you! I sat down feeling like I lifted a load off and 2 seconds later was received an applause.


"I am tired of talking of what needs to be done and READY to take ACTION of getting it done!" – Beijing Rodgers

AND YOU SHOULD BE TOO! Because, if you’re tired of going through the motions and want to make a spiral effect, not just in your country but, as a vital citizen in it, it all starts with YOU. And don’t EVER let me hear you say, “eh. I am just one measly person in my society. I am neither capable nor equipped to contribute to making my nation a better place. I’ll just let someone else take care of it.” Well, you might as well “SIT DOWN” (Bahamian slang term) because you have already lost. My organization, IOT – It’s Our Turn is managed by difference makers to empower young people to target sustainable underlying global issues by being the next world changers through our non-profit projects and business ventures. And what we have figured out by now is that the MINDSETS need to change, in order to make a positive spiral effect within a group of people.

So… will YOU continue to go through the motions and think the way the government wants you to?


Will you work on obtaining a positive mindset to continue to think deeper?

Post your ideas & solutions to these questions on your social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. and tag: @eyesofbeijing #bahamasmustunite

It doesn’t stop here! Together as the future leaders of the Bahamas, let's DO something to create a positive, impactful, sustainable spiral effect! It’s truly Our Turn to not accept the unacceptable!

And this is how I see it!

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For the six consecutive years I have lived in the United States of America (with some traveling in between) greeting people has always been the same. People I meet for the first time ask…

“Where are you from?”

I respond proud and honored, “The Bahamas!”

They say, “Wow!!! That is so cool! I have always wanted to go there!”

I respond with excitement, “Yes!!! You definitely need to go there before you die…”

They say, “Totally! Isn’t it located in America?”

I subtly hide my frustration, “Are you serious? I am not an American citizen!!! The Bahamas is under the Commonwealth. If we belong to anyone it would be Great Britain! Our head of state is the Queen, our court is Parliament, and we drive on the left side of road. Does any of that sound American to you? Since 1973 we have no longer been a colony of Great Britain and are a proud independent nation for the past 40 years!”

The million-dollar question they ask next is…

So, what’s different about The Bahamas, what is it like?

As much as I am asked this question, each time, I am muffled. I think quick on my toes and blurt, “we have the best beaches in the world according to NASA!” They don’t look to convinced so I add, “Plus! Since we are surrounded by the ocean, there is a nice breeze and you definitely experience the island feel.” At this point, I know I’ve sold them. They continue to ask, “Yeah… that’s great! But, what is different about it? What’s the culture like?” MUDDA SICK DRED (Bahamian slang for, oh shoot)… THEY SAID THE ‘CULTURE’ WORD!

I lose my Bahamian pride and say, “Great question… What is the Bahamian culture?”

Well… all because of one Minnesotan, American small town girl named, Rachel Quinn AKA my roommate and best friend from Azusa Pacific University came to visit The Bahamas and saved The Bahamian culture. I wrote this blog because I have realized two things to date…

1. Young Bahamians do not know their roots, and the history of their country. These are the same young people who have to preserve the culture for their children and their children’s children. And how are they going to do that IF THEY DO NOT EVEN KNOW WHO THEY ARE!!!


2. To empower these young Bahamians that we are not going to sit back and watch our country go down the drain. We will stand up and demand rights from the government as the future leaders of the nation!

Much better…

The nine days Rachel has graced me with her American ways has been a complete BLAST! From the moment I picked her up from the airport she amused me with her inquisitive tourist observations…

Grade A+ Observations:

  • “Oh my gosh! You drive on the left side! This is so scary!”
  • “Is Jamaica an Island?” I respond, “Uh..  duh!” “Oh! So this isn’t the first time I have been on an island!”

Grade F- Observations:

  • For her first meal, my family and I took her to a native restaurant called, Oh Andros. I suggest, “Ray! You should order a conch salad because it’s a healthy choice compared to all of the other Bahamian food and it helps with your healthy eating habits!” The table in front of us ordered one, so she gets up, looks and says in bewilderment, “There isn’t any lettuce…” My family and I laughed hysterically and explained to her that it only has diced sweet peppers, tomatoes, and conch with a dash of salt, add a little fresh orange and lemon juice.
  • As we were driving past McDonalds, I pointed to the American Embassy located behind McDonalds saying, “If something happened to my family and I, you run to this Embassy!” She starts laughing thinking I was pointing to McDonalds. Well... McDonalds is the number one icon of the American culture isn’t it?
  • As we were driving she says, “Is there snowboarding in The Bahamas? I love snowboarding!” I almost threw her out the car window.

 Rachel has shown us that there is still hope for my country.




Moving on with life, I took Rachel to Bay Street where our downtown is located. While we were having great difficulty taking pictures along the scenic aquamarine waters, we stopped a tourist to take a photo for us. The lady accompanied him asked where we’re from, thank God this lady’s responses weren’t predictable. Rachel said, “I am from Minnesota visiting her, who is from here.” She said, “Oh! You’re a native! How sweet! Considering you live here, do you know any cheap place to buy a couple of earrings for my friends back home?” I automatically pointed out the Straw Market, where Bahamian goods were sold at a cheap price, SO I THOUGHT until this oriental woman proved me WRONG! She responded, “Oh! I looked there already. And since I travel to China quite often, I have noticed that most of the goods sold here are made in China." Despite the fact that I have a close connection with China due to my name being, Beijing; I felt like I was slapped in the face!



Rachel and I next destination was the straw market and I had one particular question in mind to ask…

What products in this market are made by Bahamians or made in The Bahamas?

Each stall tender I asked all consumed a smirk on their faces trying not to be seen as embarrassed of what they were going to say next… “Well… we make all of the straw products and wood carvings!”

There was no way that is all Bahamian made. There were over five different products available at each stall. Such as, bracelets, hats, necklaces, T-shirts, wraps, dolls, towels, bags and much more. IN ADDITION many of the stalls sold the exact same thing from the one beside it, differing only in colors, size and slight designs. While I was in there, it seemed to be about 100 + stalls, and no more than 50 tourists – not considering the fact they even purchase something from a stall, like the oriental woman. Besides, the demographic of stall tenders are elderly females. The Anthropologist & Entrepreneur part of me derives these conclusions…

How were these stall tenders able to conduct reasonable sales in order to survive?

Their straw market stall cannot be the only way of regenerating income?

What about the stall tender’s children’s welfare?

Isn’t there some way for the Bahamians to be able to produce more products instead of buying them from China and other third world countries?

How can we have a sustainable economy only according to the livelihood of the stall tenders?





“No matter how big the problem, there is always a solution waiting to be found!”

— Eyes of Beijing

Therefore, the question left is, what can young Bahamians do about this culture lost?

  1. RESEARCH: Spend a great deal of time researching, studying & learning the history of The Bahamas and what that used to look like?
  2. PLAN: Get a group of passionate young souls with the same vision to plan your approach and what you’re looking to do exactly.
  3. ACTION: Take your plans, ideas, and concerns to the government to let your voice be heard! Make sure they listen by sending in letters, using the media or protesting if need be.

If you are really passionate about something, you will do whatever it takes to see your vision become a reality. Especially if it had to do with your country’s culture at stake; then I’m pretty sure change needs to occur. It is Our Turn to stop letting things have a negative effect on us and instead, do something about it where the outcome is positive. It's Our Turn to show the nation, who is the next generation! So remember... if the road you’re trying to take is an easy one, you might as well stop while you're at it because I guarantee you, your vision will not be long-lasting. So, suck it up and make a spiral effect where you see your country needs it!



“You have to believe it, to receive it to achieve it!”

— Eyes of Beijing

And this is how I see it!

Check out the RayBei Show of our adventure in The Bahamas! Who knows where we will be NEXT!!! 

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If you are reading this, you are alive and well, so thank the Lord! This also means TODAY marks the beginning of a clean slate! No matter what you have gone through in the year 2013, forgive yourself, pick your head up and trot forward! This year you WILL be productive in making a positive impact in your life and the lives of others! And I am going to help you activate your full potential in your life spiral to make a spiral effect!




Year after year, resolution after resolution and what happens? nothing. You promised yourself to be better.. better.. better.. yet nothing happens. You question yourself… Why? What is the problem? Why can I never follow through? When will I ever change?

Loose weight!

Be generous!

Get good grades!

Follow my dreams! You say…

And yet, nothing. You tell yourself… This year I am determined to be different but, how will I do it? When will I decide that enough is enough? What areas of my life need improvement anyway? Who will keep me accountable?  And most importantly, why am I doing it?

Well, I am here to empower you by telling you the only way for you to commit to your resolutions this new and glorious year is through the power of your mind. Through all of my years with the many obstacles and struggles I have faced, it was my mind that kept me moving forward. I could have easily thrown the towel in. However, at those low times I conducted a conversation with myself saying...

Beijing… There is NO WAY I am going to give up now. Do you know how far you came to simply take the first step and now, because some adversity came your way you decide to give up. NO SIR (Bahamian slang)!!! Giving up is not an option nor in your vocabulary. You didn't come all this way to give it all away. Instead, you're going to put on your big girl panties and  preserver until the end! 

Yes… I have conversations with myself. And in my opinion it's healthy! I wouldn't be here writing this blog post if I didn't. I'd probably be rotting in some hole not making anything of my life. Okay… I am probably exaggerating, but you get the picture! However, I knew one of my gifts was to empower people and through this blog I am doing so through my eyes.

Therefore, this is what you have to do to make this new year a new you…

1. Target: ACKNOWLEDGE your weaknesses  and  bad habits then FORGET about them!!

2. Plan: WRITE your resolution list  and  DEVISE a plan for each of them to come true!!

3. Mindset: BELIEVE in yourself  and  believe in your OUTCOME!!

4. Take Action: STICK sticky notes or reminders around your everyday life to REMIND yourself  and  tell a trusted group of people to keep you accountable!!



I never said it's going to be easy… and that is the best part about it anyway! If it were easy everyone would be SUCCESSFUL. However, it is only that few group who will stop at nothing to reach their goals and ACHIEVE them! Therefore, I ask you...


And this is how I see it!

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