Wander the World to La Paz using this incredible Wander Itinerary for your footprints to leave their mark in Bolivia!



Step on the path of Bolivia through a photo essay to see all of the thrilling adventures!



Wander the World to Peru using this incredible Wander Itinerary for your footprints to leave their mark in Peru!



Step on the path of Peru through a photo essay to see all of the thrilling adventures!



Wander the World to Rio de Janeiro using this incredible Wander Itinerary for your footprints to leave their mark in Brazil!



Step on the path of Santiago, Chile through a photo essay to see all of the thrilling adventures!




First of all... O M G! YOU DID IT! CONGRATS! YOU ARE FINALLY FINISHED WITH INSTITUTIONALISED SCHOOLING FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE!!!!!! It feels freaking amazing doesn't it? It sure did when I finished November 10th, 2015! Best part about it, I finished 6 months prior to the date I was supposed to be completed! WOOT WOOT!

Click Here: I Have Completed University... What's Next?

Nonetheless, you are done! Soak it in... Celebrate... Great! Time to move on with the rest of your life!!!

Okay friend... I'm going to shoot it to you straight! IT'S THE 21ST CENTURY, THERE ARE NO JOBS FOR YOU. Okay... Maybe I am exaggerating a bit. There are some jobs out there, but you have to be an expert job hunter to find one. And by the looks of some of us, we aren't. On top of that, you might find a job but not a job you're going to spend a decade of your life working to.

Don't worry! It's not the end of the world. You are in the same box as thousands of young human beings around the world! Whether you are a recent high school/university graduate, currently in schooling, working at an unsatisfying job, trying to do something more meaningful with your 20's... You have stumbled upon the right post my friend!

So what are you going to do with your precious spare time while your job hunting? YOU are going to USE your TIME WISELY!

You only have one life my friend, ONE! So this is your time to excavate some of the hidden talents, passions, skills you have neglected for far too long!!!!!

It is your time to DIG... DIG... DIG from within!

Sounds fun doesn't it?



Yes! Yes! Yes! Pursue your passions!!!! Before you pursue them, you must discover what they are!

What are some of the things you love doing and participating in? What can you not live without? What do you find yourself always thinking about of what you want to do? What are some things you cannot stand and want to change for the better?

By answering these questions, you will have a clearer understanding of what your passions are. Make sure to write down separate lists to all these questions. The answers that pop up the most are the key to unlocking your passions. Then... Use Google to figure out the best ways to pursue them!

Eyes of Beijing: I have surrounded my life around pursuing my passions. A decision I made Freshman year of University. 3 years later... I am still at it!


I know you adore this one! In regards to point 1, maybe travelling is one of your passions; if it is, take a Gap Month traveling!!!

What is a Gap Month? The same as a Gap year, except only taking off a month to travel instead of year. Face it! Depending on where you went to school, you are probably in debt and if you're not in debt you probably do not have enough money saved to take a year off to wander the world.

So, take this precious time of yours to see a territory of the world you have been dying to experience since you were a young wee lad. You will return home a new... better YOU! A 'you' ready to take on the challenges of what you decide to do next with your life!

Eyes of Beijing: Thanks to the life I've been blessed with, I'm always wandering the world. I currently live in Santiago, Chile which gives me the cheap options of discovering the various cities Chile has to offer. Additionally, I'm a missionary and this summer my church team & I will be headed to Mexico. ¡Nos vemos!


Gosh... simply because you graduated high school or University absolutely DOES NOT mean you stop learning! Whoever brainwashed you with that c**p lied.

While we're at it, take this time to promise yourself you will never stop learning! The best part it is now you don't have to learn in an institutionalised setting! Hi-5 to that! You are free to learn new skills your own way! The way you learn BEST!

Learn what type of skills? It can be anything!!! Learn how to garden. How to do web development. How to become an expert at life coaching. How to play volleyball. How to create a robot. How to paint a house. You have the whole world at your finger tips, as well as the internet!

Click Here: Eyes of Beijing's YouTube Channel

Eyes of Beijing: A couple months after I began this Blog (which later turned into this Brand), I realised I wanted to reach my audience through video blogging my wanders around the world. I thought... I can't pay someone to do them for me all the time, so I might as well teach myself how to create & edit videos. And I did exactly that!


Oh come on... What is life's most important mission? Do you give up? It's to LOVE others! How do you love others? By creating & building relationships with them!! How do you create & build relationships? Simple. By RAISING YOUR VOICE!

I am pretty sure you have friends. But if you don't have any, you have a family! Take some time off & let love your invade in the lives of one your fellow friends or family members. This can be done by taking them to coffee. Planning a dinner date with 5 humans you call acquaintances but always wanted to build a deeper relationship with. Or you may be on a grocery line (or I reckon any line), and decide to raise your voice with the goal of striking up a conversation with a stranger. Who knows... you might brighten up their day!

It takes guts, but its worth it. There are over 7 billion human beings roaming this earth! So deviate from the norm & broaden your horizons to create & build some unexpected relationships! Who knows where the conversation will take you. As I say... It's Our Turn to change the world 1 relationship at a time!

"Nothing is going to change unless we let love invade!" - Eyes of Beijing

Eyes of Beijing: From all of these years of practice, it's safe to say creating & building relationships has become apart of me. I love human beings. I love meeting new humans & I love the existing ones already in my life. The best part is... There are so many more humans to get to know and love on!!!


Growing up as a millennial, you have heard time and time again that you should start a blog, and more recently, create a brand. Such is life nowadays.

Yet, how I wonder how many of you have already started one? And if you have started a blog, have you been consistent with it or you gave up after 3 posts? NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Continue your blog! Figure out why you started it in the place & begin with that.

Don't be afraid of conjuring up new ideas on what to write about, simply roaming through life & stepping out of your comfort zone will inspire you with plenty writing material! YOU GOT THIS! Believe in your difference!

Eyes of Beijing: I think this is pretty much self-explanatory. I-am-writing-on-my-blog-as-we-speak-which-happens-to-be-my-Brand-,-Eyes-of-Beijing. Haha! Get it? Good!


As you may or may not know, it is my goal to become a life coach for young human beings. I have not advertised much about it, but trust me, the plans are underway. Having said that, I will need to take a course to give me beneficial techniques & tactics on how to help young human beings to stop existing & start living the life they were created for.

Like myself, it would be a great head-start to spend some time taking a course on something you've always wanted to learn. Something you never had the chance of learning due to time and/or distractions or school. Not only will you be a better human for it, it is a great attribute to put on your resume (according to what it is of course)!

Maybe the course is on photography or sewing or efficient marketing tactics or statistics or food preparation. The list is endless. Type in Google your course interest and let the learning begin!

Eyes of Beijing: In order to prepare me for this new & exciting venture, I have decided to take an online course to become a certified Life Coach receiving a professional license after completion. I'm in the process of searching for courses as we speak!


You see! I am no fraud. I am following my own advice, simply putting my actions into words through the eyes of Beijing... me!

Whatever you do... DO NOT LET YOUR TIME GO TO WASTE. What are ways of wasting your time? Lying snuggled in your comfortable bed watching movies & TV series on Netflix for countless hours on end or staring at computer/phone/tablet screens scrolling & tapping at posts on social media.

This is your 20's!!!! Your golden decade!!!! You have your whole life to take a break, but not in your 20's! You must grind during this decade! This is the decade where:

  • Your energy are at extreme high levels
  • You actually believe in the greatness you were created for
  • You have the ample amount of time to TRY a bunch of things to decipher which you enjoy & which bores the daylights out of you

Wake up & deviate from the norm my friend. Step off the path society expects you to take and step into the greatness God created you for! Remember... whatever you decide to do, it's not going to work unless you do!!!

&& This is how Eyes of Beijing sees it\


Stop Existing & Start Living the life God created you for by taking coaching sessions with me!

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Join the Movement by purchasing a "Wake Up & Deviate From the Norm" Tank or T-shirt!

Create your Spiral Effect in your community by becoming an IOTer in the Organisation!

Wander the World with me to discover new spaces & meet new faces to start a project or business venture!

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There's all this chit chat from me (Eyes of Beijing) about deviating from the norm.

But have you ever questioned what I meant by, "norm?" Don't worry, you won't be in the dark for long...

Picture this: A black paved road stretched for as long as your eyes can see. You then see human beings of all sorts walking in a single filed line, following the human being in front them. They aren't speaking, they aren't asking any questions. Simply following the human in front of them. All of a sudden, you see a young human being bend down taking off their shoes, which creates a disturbance in the line. Creating a domino effect of everyone behind (due to her butt hitting the stomach of the human directly walking behind her) and in front (due to her head hitting the back of the human walking directly in front of her) of this young human being who decided to her shoes off. By this point, everyone in line are dumbfounded about what just happened. Nothing like this has never happened before. No one stopped walking in the line. No one ever dared to do that. By this time, everyone stood up from their domino fall, looking at this girl in awe of what she just did. To their surprise, not only did the girl take her shoes off and became barefoot, she stepped out of the line. This was certainly unheard of. All of a sudden, as the girl was taking her last step off the black paved road, she began to hear noises from the human beings on the single filed line, shouting with anxiety, "Come back! Don't leave your spot in the line! Come back! You don't know what's out there... You're going to die! You're going to fail! There's nothing better out there! Your life will be ruined. Why don't you come back to where it is safe? Why don't you stick to what you're used to? Nothing is out there for you!" Surprised to hear the voices of the human beings on the single filed line, in shock the girl responded, "No I won't come back! It's time to deviate from the norm to be who God created me to be, to stop existing & start living!" The human beings responded, "Aren't you afraid? Aren't you fearful of what's out there?" The girl in confidence replied, "Yes! I am afraid. I am fearful. But I won't let the fear of the unknown cripple me into missing the opportunity for me to be the best me!" The human beings on the single filed line were filled with confusion, agitation and controversy. They didn't know what to do next. So, they did what they've always known to do. They did what was normal. They kept on walking on the single filed line. Yet, what was different on the black paved road, the girl's footprints were splashed in the exact spot she woke up & deviated from the black paved road. Each human being who walked past the splash became curious, interested & felt a sense of liberation. They couldn't put into words why these feelings overwhelmed them. They wanted to discover the answers they were searching for, but never had the guts to do it. So each time they walked on the splash, it empowered them in some odd way. Until the day, a young male human being walked on it... 

Wow!!! O_O I didn't expect this story to continue for so long. I guess I got carried away. Yet, this story inspired me to write a Children's Book!!! Wow... Fireworks are going off in my mind. You see what happens when you use your imagination? 2 seconds ago I just came up with another idea to use my passions of writing & empowerment to write a Children's book!!! How exciting is that? You never know until you try.

Anywaysss... Getting back on topic. The story above is how I define the "norm." It's more of a lifestyle choice than it is a behavioural choice. It's the way you choose to live your life. Do you live it the way society tells you? By after graduating high school, you attend University, after graduating University, you find a blue-collared or white-collared job (if you're lucky enough to find one), get married, have 2-5 children, work, work, work, work, work, retire, have grandchildren, sit at home, die.

Really? We weren't created to live by these guidelines. We weren't created to exist? We were created to live the life God created us to live. Whose with me? Do you want some proof?

In Jeremiah 1:4-6 God and Jeremiah are having a conversation about what God has created one of his humans to be...

4 The Lord gave me this message:
5 “I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb.

    Before you were born I set you apart
and appointed you as my prophet to the nations.”
6 “O Sovereign Lord,” I said, “I can’t speak for you! I’m too young!”

Woe! Woe! Woe! I know... powerful aye?! This is actually in my top 5 favourite Bible verses. It's a promise God gives his best creation, us (human beings), that we were created for a purpose, created for greatness no matter how small or how big the task; all of the passions, talents, gifts, abilities we were created with are individually ours for a reason!!! How freaking cool is that?

Notice... Verse 6, Jeremiah is complaining he is too young for the task, but the Lord comforts him in verses 7-8...

7 The Lord replied, “Don’t say, ‘I’m too young,’ for you must go wherever I send you and say whatever I tell you. 
8 And don’t be afraid of the people, for I will be with you and will protect you. I, the Lord, have spoken!”

Say.... WHAAAAAT?! That's right young human beings, God has it all under control. He doesn't create you out of the blue. He creates you with a plan. But its up to you to BELIEVE you were created for greatness & be COURAGEOUS to embrace your difference, pursue your passions & light your vision to do so!


Now that you have a better understanding of what it means to "Wake Up & Deviate from the Norm" according to me, let's chit chat aboout what it means to deviate from your 'PERSONAL' norm.

Haven't heard that term, have ya? Nope. I didn't think so.

Your 'personal' norm is anything you are comfortable with, something that is second nature to you. Yet, to deviate from your 'personal' norm takes stepping outside of your comfort zone. It is usually the average norm for most individuals, yet extremely different for you. For instance, it can be anything ranging from:

  • Learning to sky dive even though you've been scared of heights all your life
  • Applying to study abroad during your junior year of University, when you have never left your country before
  • Participating in a competitive swim team when you've never played a sport due to your uncoordinated self
  • Taking 6 months to go on a Mission Trip in rural Haiti: Constructing buildings, Teaching Vacation Bible School and/or Treating sick, infectious diseases
  • Helping your good friend by planning her company's launch party all by yourself

Any of these scenarios are possible, and may come knocking at your door one day. For some individuals, these scenarios are a piece of cake. For others, they scare the daylights out of them, due to the simple reason of never doing it before.

Having said that, according to my life, having a job isn't my norm, like AT ALL. But serving the community & communities foreign to me certainly is.  Someone told me lately... "You have as many service hours as I have job hours." It turned my whole perspective of work upside down; it truly made me feel much better about myself. Not gonna lie...

Nonetheless... That time in my life has arrived... I NEED TO FIND A JOB!!!

Deep deep deep down inside the thought of having one scares the geebees out of me. You seriously have NO IDEA?! >.< But I am constantly reminded (by parents of course) that having one is going to take me to the next level and this fear of getting a job is the exact reason why I must conquer it. 

Job hunting isn't any easy task. And it doesn't help due to me never-kinda-really-ever-had-to-kinda-really hunt for one. Duhhhhhh!!! In addition... to hunting in a foreign country, with a foreign language, in a foreign culture, with a foreign work ethic, basically... foreign everything.


Ya think I wasn't fearful before. Well... Imagine me now. HAHA! >.<

Nonetheless, as I mentioned in the story... I'm not going to let the fear of the unknown cripple me into missing the opportunity to be the best me I can be! I am definitely not going to sit home all day and wait for something to magically plop into my lap. In the meantime of this job hunting, I will be learning new skills, pursuing & developing my passions, building my Eyes of Beijing Lifestyle brand & organisation, IOT - It's Our Turn by...


All in all, don't just sit there & wait. You have to go out in the streets, and within the corners of your mind to make things happen! You have to get off your boungie (butt) & work hard! You never know what you're going to discover if you don't try & DEVIATE!

I'll promise you one thing... It's NEVER going to happen unless you do.

Do you believe in your difference? Embrace it! Do you have passions? Pursue them! Do you have a vision? Light it up!

Guess what? You've only been blessed with 1 life. That's it. ONE! What are you going to do about it? Deviate from the norm to Stop Existing & Start Living the life God created you for?

Well... It's all up to you to choose to step into the direction where your greatness is waiting!!!

Join me on this most exciting journey. Remember... We've got to grind in our 20's!!!


Stop Existing & Start Living the life God created you for by taking coaching sessions with me!

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Wander the World with me to discover new spaces & meet new faces to start a project or business venture!

Lessssss do dissssss!

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Sometimes you simply have to shift it up a bit.

Well... In my case... A LOT!

As you have seen from my social media on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Google +, to be precise, I am wandering the vibrant country of BRAZIL!!!! Not only am I in this country to wander this part of the world for fun, but for the most precious time of the year... CHRISTMAS!!!!

Therefore, through my wanderings of this LIBERATING COUNTRY I have learned a great deal about Brazil's culture; its absolutely gorgeous mixture of humans, the way of life in the Favelas, the music & dance nightlife, the island & beach bum life, and the not so tasty cuisine.

BRAZIL IS FANTASTIC!!! From everything I've experienced I can proudly shout from the rooftops my LOVVVEEEEE for this country! Partly is due to the human beings occupying the space.

Brazilians are completely FREE & non-judgemental. While on Copacabana & Ipanema beach, everyone wore a bikini (women), no matter what colour, size, shape or exterior malfunction shown. They were wholesomely comfortable in their own skin. They embraced their difference. They couldn't care less what people thought. They were free to be. Yet, this posture is the same all through the streets of Rio de Janeiro, the Favela of Rochina, Ilha Grande & Paraty. Children, women & men alike all carried this joyful, vibrant, life is good kind of feeling.

Honestly, you are going to have to wander to Brazil on your own to understand what I'm talking about. It's the most liberating country I've been given the opportunity to step through.

Its worth experiencing!!!



This is self explanatory. One day my family & I decided to wander to a NEW country in South America in exchange for a traditional Christmas. Thus, instead of spending money on gifts, we wanted to put the money toward the lasting value of memories!


Now... the talk of the town in Brazil and internationally is known to be... "DO NOT GO INTO THE FAVELAS!!! THEY ARE DANGEROUS!" Okay... Cool. But have any of these humans ever took out the time to research about them or even better, stepped inside one? I doubt it. Ever since I heard about the existence of Favelas during social studies in 7th grade, I've always had a burning desire to wander inside one.

Fortunately, during this trip I certainly did. To answer your question, "No I did not wander the streets on my own." Instead, I booked a tour to further my understanding. To my surprise, I had no clue it was a walking tour; and later on, the tour guide told us she grew up & is currently living in the one we viewed. It made the experience all the more credible and exciting. To experience the Favela culture by the eyes of a resident.

Not once while touring the Favela did I feel unsafe. The tour guide, Louisa, explained that everyone believes the Favelas to be an extremely dangerous place; yet according to her experience, its a myth. Walking through, I opened my eyes to the fact that just because one is marginalised does not mean they are beneath me, that I'm better; something society continues to flush down our brains. They are human beings just like you & me, so its our responsibility to help them find the dignity thats been lost.

Nonetheless, there is so much more I can say about the couple hours I spent in Favela Rochina. However, the main point is not to always be biased. Deviate from the norm by opening your eyes to see the other person's point of view/life/perspective/opinion etc. You don't know their life story, unless you stop to ask which is highly unlikely, so stop with the judgment!


Six days are left in the year. What do you suggest to be the wisest course of action? Yes! Exactly! To reflect on all the amazing blessings, opportunities, happiness and success you were fortunate this year. Don't ever underestimate the power of reflection. It is through this act where we see where we've come from to where we envision to go.

Life has become toooooo fast paced. Admit it. If you've given yourself time to reflect more often, you'd say the same. With all the distractions on media, the constant, immediate demand of technological communication, sometimes we simply forget. It's okay, we're human. But we shall never use that as an excuse. We must always TRY to remember

There is eversomuch to be thankful for, that if I wrote a blog post about it, it'd probably take all my memory space of my online blog. Yet, something I reflected on the other day while wandering the city of Rio de Janiero was something simple yet extremely profound............

I truly want to thank God for sparing me the chance to live another 24 hours, for a whole 2 decades. I thought to myself... WOW! Me! Beijing Caspian Rodgers (yes, that's my full name), was chosen today! Me, a horrible human with unconciuos sinful motives & sometimes hardhearted. Me! Why did I derseve life today? What did I do the past 24 hours to gain it? I. Me. Beijing. I was chosen to live again. I was chosen for my lungs to work accordingly. I was given this breath to breathe for another 24 hours. Wow! Wow! Wow! What an honour. Forgive me for taking for granted that I deserved tomorrow, when I lived so terribly today. THANK YOU FOR EACH DAY. For as long as I live, I will be at falt, I will be horrible and I will make awful mistakes. Yet, what matters toward the end of the day is no matter who I was for all 24 hours, at least I can end the day thanking God for giving me the precious 24 hours to LIVE!!!


I want to add... CHEERS TO ALL THOSE QUOTES WE KEEP ON HEARING! "You only live once." "Live each day as if it were your last." "Today is a gift." "Live life to the fullest." Well... I encourage you to do just that! Write these words on your wall! Choose to love & be kind to your family, friends, coworkers & fellow strangers unconditionally. CHOOSE TO WAKE UP & DEVIATE FROM THE NORM set by society; constantly telling you to be individualistic, egocentric & selfish. Turn your cheek and instead, share LOVE this CHRISTMAS SEASON.

I hope that gives you something to think about for the New Year...

It's time to change our ways & step into the greatness God created us for. To be the light in the darkness, as He sent his one and only son, Jesus Christ, to be the LIGHT of this world!!!

Read the true meaning of Christmas here!

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Are you soon to graduate? Or already celebrated your graduation, yet hasn't the slightest idea of what you're going to do next?

First of all, don't fret. Approximately more than a billion human beings have sat in your current position. Trust me, I googled it.

Besides... Look on the bright side. You've finished. You've won the race. You're a free human!!! Additionally, you browsed upon this website, that brought you to this post; which is going to aid your decision making for what's next!


I am here to help!!! Because if theres a will... theres always a way.


Ultimately, from me to you, one of my visions in this post University life is to deviate from the norm by traveling to China to pursue my passions through education & travel. During this Gap 1/2 year adventure, I would like to learn through experiential education: work on a job, an internship, volunteer work, language & culture learning (Mandarin), hard labour, and learning a new skill, probably agriculture.

I would love to conquer this vision in the near future, but as we enter this NEW YEAR, I will be entering the job force. Boom. Bam. Bam. (Not excited at all) Shhhh... Don't tell the parents.

Nonetheless, it's pretty nerve wrecking for me. I'll let you know how it goes... So stay connected!


Are you brown, yellow, tan, black, red, white? Or are you poor, well-off, wealthy, hippie? Or are you from Africa, Asia, Oceania, Latin America, Europe, Antartica, or North America? Or are you within the ages of 16-24, 25-38, 39-55, 56-79, 80-close to death?

Well... Lucky for you, it doesnt matter. The human beings I've had the privledge of interviewing fit the description from up above. Yes, they are all my fellow friends from Santiago, Chile. Yet, they all have come from different walks of life!

How exiting is that!?

Thus far, these incredible human beings are going to share what they did during the year after they graduated University! So you may be given creative ideas as to how you are going to step forward to continue your journey of stepping into your greatness!!! WOOHOO!



University: UCA
Degree: Industrial Engineering
Year: 2006
Location: El Salvador
When Adult Life Began... "The year after I finished college I focused on getting my thesis done and decided to take a year off to do what I've always loved, oil painting! Before going into the 'real word' I spent a year in painting and figuring out what I wanted to do next with my career."
Advice: "You are the only one who can determine your future, discover what makes you happy and work hard to get it, don't be afraid of making mistakes.... Cause you can always star over."


University: Pacific Lutheran University
Degree: Bachelor of Music Education
Year: 2000
Location: Tacoma, Washington, USA
When Adult Life Began... "So i had a Job lined up before i graduated and after I graduated I started substitute teaching until the summer. As I was substituting I taught special Ed, music, and some math for a short time. Then I started teaching the next year, 13 different groups of students every week ranging from 4th grade strings through 9th grade band. This is what I did for 2 years in 3 different schools."
Advice: "Keep pursuing your passion. My passion was playing the French Horn, so I continued to play the French horn in bands and orchestras until I finally went for my masters degree, and pursued the career that I'm currently engaged in and loving. So if your passion is only a hobby for a while keep doing it and enjoying it and one day you will find a way to make money doing it. Then you can give up the career that doesn't feel right, for the one you truly love."


University: State University of New York, Geneseo
Degree: Sociology Major with Business and Asian Studies Minor
Year: 2011
Location: New York, USA
When Adult Life Began... "Having studied and interned in Hong Kong and Tanzania during college, I knew I wanted to continue to work on education and community development. So, I worked for an educational non-profit organization in low-income communities in Brooklyn, NY for three years. Last year, I finally decided that travel was missing in my life so I moved to Santiago, Chile and have been exploring, learning, and teaching here ever since."
Advice: "Do not wait for other people's approval to do anything. You do you, be consistent, and be kind to yourself when things don't go your way (because it will happen)!"


University: Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
Year: 2011
Location: New Delhi, INDIA
When Adult Life Began... "I started an ecommerce business right after I graduated the college to sell Indian clothing and jewelries to customers in Europe and USA. Me and my cofounder didn't really plan it well so it bombed after 6 months but we got to learn a lot - and more than anything it made us stronger to take risks but be wary of them."
Advice: "Your life is already living an adventure, won't hurt to have some more. Explore more, meet more people, be kind."


University: Universidad de Los Andes
Degree: Med School
Year: 2011
Location: Santiago de Chile
When Adult Life Began... "After I graduated from med school (7 years!!) the partying with my fellow students -now- colleagues, didn't stop!! Unfortunately I was applying to do my residency  (unfortunate 'cause I had 2 of my holiday months occupied doing this), which I am currently in and love! (In Neurology). However, that didn't stop me from taking the first flight out to Spain to visit my aunts and cousins (whom I see every 3-4 years), later doing some traveling 'round the South of Spain by myself. It was a wonderful time! Even though my career implies I have less time than the rest, it doesn't stop me from traveling, hitchhiking, meeting new people and cultures which is something I also love to do!! Later on, that summer concluded at my best friend's wedding back in Chile!"
Advice: "Enjoy the time of fellowship with your "compañeros de curso" 'cause it's the last you have with them in this way and you must make the most of it!"


University: Loyola university Maryland
Degree: Bachelors in Psychology
Year: 2012
Location: Baltimore, Maryland, USA
When Adult Life Began... "I graduated and, rather than getting a local job or going to teach English in Thailand like many of my friends, I decided to step out and go to Chile. I arranged job interviewsand got a place set up to stay, and headed down. After I got tired of teaching, I did some cheap traveling that I wasn't sure if I would ever get to again (Peru, almost all of Chile, etc.), and headed back to the States."
Advice: "Advice for new graduates is to actually put in the effort to find something that's worth doing. Don't take unpaid internships, if you are not paid then your employer is also not invested in your improvement, unless you're a wealthy kid then whatever.
Be honest with yourself - don't do stupid jobs in exchange for "freedom". Also, your time is valuable - don't struggle to save small amounts of money when you could be making more per time if you applied yourself. If you stress out for a job that requires you to drive a lot and doesnt pay well, it's only a matter of time before you get an accident or a speeding ticket that demolishes a month of hard work in a second.
Always be moving forward. if you've alreay been a waiter, don't be a waiter again if that's not what you want to do with your career. that doesn't help your experience or resume. if you do have to be a waiter again or something, be sure you're also doing something else that is helping you build skills and a resume.
Online certifications are free in many things. no excuses. learn your s***. Prioritize.
Wanna travel? stop complaining you need to save the money - stop buying your stupid starbucks lattes for a month and all of a sudden you will have the cash. Flasks will save hundreds of dollars a month.
Also... don't date losers. you can't fix them. they will just bring you down. If they're going to change, you can always wait it out and come back to them in a couple years. ill stop there. Cheers! oh and ditch loser friends. Allen Iverson didn't, and now he's broke."


Degree: CFT Man Power
Year: 2009
Location: Santiago, Chile
When Adult Life Began... "So, after graduation, I went to England to improve my English, I was 3 Months there studying and travelling around England. It was my dream since I was 6 years old. The first time that I was in front of the Big Ben, Y cried for hours. I felt a happiness that I never have felt before."
Advice: "Remember the reason why you chose that career and be strong with the values that your family and friends taught you, because no matter how this new world will be, you always be you. A better version, but with the same foundation and of course, Put God first in everything he will be your big boss forever and your best guide to choose what to do in any case."


University: Bethel College
Degree: Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a double minor in Bible and Music
Year: N/A
Location: McKenzie, TN, USA
When Adult Life Began... "My goal after graduating college, was to be ordained as a Presbyterian minister. In order to achieve this I was required to complete a Masters in Divinity degree.  The month or so between completing my Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology with a double minor in Bible and Music at Bethel College in McKenzie, TN in the U.S. and beginning my M.Div. studies at Vanderbilt University Divinity School (also in the U.S.), was split between taking a week-long beach vacation in Panama City, Fl, and moving into my apt. in Nashville, TN. Three years later I had completed the 70 hr. M.Div. degree, passed my ordination examinations and was ordained. The rest, as they say, is history!"
Advice: "Before we can be clear about our goals, we first have to be clear about our values. Knowing our values will determine a great deal not only about our goals but also about our means to achieving those goals.  In fact, there are some goals which will be ruled out because the means to achieving them would violate too much of what we value. So, to follow the advice of Socrates and, before him, the Oracle of Delphi: “Know Thyself.” Some of this self-knowledge may come from life experience and some from self-reflection but perhaps the most important source is listening to trusted, honest and impartial friends and colleagues – and perhaps most importantly, enemies and critics. It has been said that we are defined as much by who our enemies are as by who our friends are. But that being said, the comments of our critics (and enemies), often bear a kernel of truth we need to hear."


University: Instituto profesional AIEP
Degree: Producción Audiovisual
Year: 2014
Location: Santiago, Chile
When Adult Life Began...
"Luego de estudiar me dediqué a viajar y trabajar en una empresa llamada Biznet como productor de eventos holograficos."
Advice: "Todo es posible!"

You see... We all go through it and soon it will be YOU! Don't be afraid. Instead... Take risks, get your feet wet, conquer a fear, learn a new skill, EMBRACE YOUR DIFFERENCE!

Most importantly, you are not alone on this journey. If you need coaching about life's direction, click here!


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Well... My season of ...BECOMING... has come to an end. A season which brought strenuous trials and storms, but increased my ability to tackle life at its finest! A season where I continuously learned, its not what you 'do' that counts, but its about who you are whoever you're with, while whatever you're doing. A season that taught me one of the most important lessons in life: The only 'like' that matters is God's! This season of ...BECOMING... the human being God created me to be, definitely was the step in the right direction to continue my journey of stepping into the greatness God created me for.

But don't be mistaken friends. I learned what I needed to during this season, yet the journey to become who God created me to be, never ends. I'm a sinner, so I am always in need of God's guidance & grace until my last breath.


GUESS WHAT? What? I AM FINISH! Finished what? UNIVERSITY!!!!!!!!!!!! That's right my fellow human beings... I am no longer a student in institutionalised schooling. I am free I tell you... FREEEEEE!


You ask... What does this mean? Well.. I'll tell ya!

I will be: Crossing over to the next season of my life by choosing to seek God's will for what's next!

Now, the tables have turned, because I have a question for YOU! Are you reading this post because:
a) You recently graduated from High School
b) You are soon to graduate from High School
c) You recently graduated from University
d) You are soon to graduate from University
e) You feel climbing up the corporate ladder isn't your path
f) You want to stop existing & start living

Well lady or gent (whomever you are), you have hope... Because if you fit into any of these 6 categories... keep on reading!!!

You must be thinking how can I, Eyes of Beijing, help you figure out what's next. Well, that's a great question! Firstly, I am in situation c). Thankfully, I graduated at a young age where I have time on my hands to explore the many blessings life has to offer: through the interaction of human beings different than I & through experiences that causes me to deviate from the norm by stepping out of my comfort zone.

"The measure of how young you are correlates to your spirit. You can have lived for 75 years yet still be kicking it as a 2o year old. It's all in how you choose to perceive it." - Eyes of Beijing

But, if you're not in those young ages, that's completely acceptable! What matters most is your choice to WAKE UP & DEVIATE FROM THE NORM. By doing not what is expected of you, but exhausting your options of what CAN be done to live life to your fullest. This is what you must constantly tell yourself. Reason being, when you have conjured up your plan and its time to tell your friends and loved ones, some may support & some may not. Usually due to the ugly characteristic, 'jealousy' they wished they had chosen to deviate from their norm during their prime, ripe ages of their twenties.

Learn to follow your instincts.


As you know, I recently completed a fast seeking God's will of what's next for my life. Long story short, the answer to the question was "I don't know!" And to not know is totally 'A' okay. Something I definitely had to learn due to me being a Type A personality. Therefore, as days went by, I reflected on the steps taken as to how I figured out what's next. And I'm honoured to share them with you!


1. Breathe

Immediately after I recieved word that I accumulated the necessary credits to graduate from University; I took a deep breath. I thought... Now what am I supposed to do. I have my whole life ahead of me... For an island gal in her twenties, the opportunities and choices were endless of what one can do. So I closed my eyes and took deep breaths in & out. After performing this a couple times, I felt more relieved.

Relax! It's all going to be okay. Your world isn't going to end because you do not know what to do. Most importantly, what we all tend to forget to do first is, BREATHE!

2. Fast and Pray

Due to my faith in God, I believe He created me for a reason, who knew the calling of my life before I came into the world. So who better to consult about what's next for my life than the very one who created me? Therefore, I chose to deviate from the norm by doing the very activity most human beings don't do. I chose to fast and pray for 1 week. I fasted social media and technological communication; 2 aspects of my life which distracts me from being highly productive & consumes most of my attention. This was needed in order to place my focus in God.

During this fast I studied the book of Jeremiah to guide my steps; prompted to me to read by God. It's so freaking amazing to continuously be reminded that God is real. Reason being, the first chapter of Jeremiah confirmed I was supposed to be studying the book. Due to Jeremiah 1:5, "I knew you before I formed you in your mother's womb. Before you were born I set you apart and appointed you as my prophet to the nations." I highly doubt God plans for me to be a prophet, yet what counts is Him knowing the plans for my life before he formed me in my mum's womb. How freaking crazy is that?

Whether you're a believer of God or not, it is extremely important to retreat from our busy/distracting daily routines once in awhile. In order to find our centre, to make time to listen to our thoughts, to read scripture, & to be awaken to life's little surprises we've been blind from seeing, which most often end in the results we've been seeking.

3. Research

During the fast, I did not just sit there and wait for something magical to happen. This is a myth. It is imperative you always do your part. Therefore, a thought entered my mind and I began to research. I Googled, "What to do after graduation?" Most titles of the results read, "Gap Year!" Immediately I typed in, "What is a Gap Year?" Most results were extremely informative as to what one can do in a Gap Year. I felt a bit relieved yet overwhelmed with the countless paths I could take. I thought... I'm getting somewhere!!! WOOHO!!!

Sometimes when facing a CROSSROADS in our lives we completely forget to use our noggin. So what is required is to slap ourselves in the face, not literally, and use the common sense given to us as a tool for following our instincts. Thus, commons sense results in researching the very crossroads we're finding difficulty.

4. Journal

First and far-most, I am a Journal-er. Not a diarist. A Journal-er. There's a difference. Meaning, I jot down business ideas, creative ideas, life plans, spur of the moment thoughts, discovering solutions to my struggles, and much more all in my journal. It is a space where I can dream and envision on paper. With no haters hovering over, no societal cans & cannots discouraging my plans to bring my vision to light. Simply my mind, a pen & paper.

Throughout the fast, I wrote down anything I thought pertained to my CROSSROADS of what's next. A conversation, a thought, a verse from scripture, an idea inspired by what I saw on the street etc. By doing this, you create a safe place where everything is kept in one spot, ready to review & reflect after the fast is over; from Day 1 to Day 7.

Trust me, you wouldn't believe how much knowledge you would've accumulated in a week.

5. Stop existing & Start living

Gosh dang it bey (Bahamian for dude)! LIVE OUT LOUD. Stop existing & start living. Do something you haven't done before. Conquer a fear that's been crippling you to be the best you-you can be. Step out of your comfort zone. WAKE UP & DEVIATE FROM THE NORM.

Through your time of waiting & planning, don't just stare at your wall. Get out!!! Be glad & grateful you've been given the opportunity to accomplish a schooling milestone, in which you've spent countless hours. Now is your time to BREAK FREE & enjoy the many blessings life has to offer!!!

You ask, what did I do to congratulate my achievement of completing University? I conquered a fear by crossing an item off my bucket list. I.............. JUMPED OUT OF A PLANE!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhh! I know... pretty incredible! My plan was to do it for my 21st birthday, but nope, plans change. The significance of my completion correlated to FREEDOM. The closest thing to freedom was to jump out of a plane. So I went skydiving and it was one of the top 5 best choices I've ever made!!!!!!!!!


Fast & Pray.
Stop Existing & Start Living.

Use these 5 steps to guide your path of what's next! Ooooo.. I'm a poet and I didn't even know it.

Oh. One more thing. Do NOT waste your time on stressing and worrying. It doesn't add one more hour to your day. Instead, it takes away.

Good luck fellow human being!!! You're not alone during this CROSSROADS! Comment below if you have any questions! I got U!

Videos from my Tandem Skydiving experience:

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